National Fundraising Expert Comes to Waco!

We have had some great local, regional and national speakers equip us this year and we’re excited that there is still more to come! On March 22, 2012 renowned speaker and author Penelope Burk will be in Waco to share some of the most important innovations in modern day fundraising. In 2000, Penelope introduced the not-for-profit industry to the concept of Donor-Centered Fundraising®, transforming the way the sector communicates with donors and bringing fundraising in line with donors’ needs.  Today, Penelope’s groundbreaking research continues to gain international recognition for challenging long-standing but ineffective fundraising practices and showcasing evidence-based methods that raise more money.


DID YOU KNOW PENELOPE…has over 30 years of experience in not-for-profit management and consulting

To learn more about Penelope, Donor Centered Fundraising and the Research group behind the effort, visit