Advocacy and the Legislative Process

On July 26th, Amy Granberry, Board member of the Texas Homeless Network & Director of Organizational Development for a nonprofit in Corpus Christi, provided a free training: “Advocacy & the Legislative Process”. With an estimated 3-35 new individuals stepping into State Legislature this coming fall, there will be a marked increase in the number of Texas representatives who are unfamiliar with our local nonprofit sector & the services they provide. Given that the legislators only have 140 days to act and will likely be looking for more ways to cut spending, it’s imperative that  local nonprofits have a vision and strategy for communicating with their representatives. Granberry recommends: (1) cultivating relationships quickly by learning about representative interest and serving as a point of contact and local expert on your area of services and (2) drafting one page position statements that clearly delineate what you want the legislature to do, how you would like it done and why the proposed action is important to their constituency and yours.

Access Power Point here.