Free Office Space Available!

Thanks to Heart of Texas Region MHMR, the new Veterans One Stop will be opening on January 14. They are offering FREE office space for qualified tenants. Do you or your agency provide any of these services?

Emergency assistance  *  Family support/social service  *   Volunteer opportunities   *  Veterans serving organizations  *  Therapeutic arts *  Pastoral counseling  *  Veterans benefits and claims assistance  *  Referrals to VA healthcare  *  Workforce – job placement assistance  * Education * GI Bill application help  *  Technical education  & certification referral  *  Free legal aid  * Integrated and complimentary medicine  *  Housing assistance  *  Mental health counseling  *  Transportation information  *  Recreation activities  *  Veterans research referrals *

If interested, call Tom Thomas, Division Director, Adult Mental Health Services.
Phone: 254-297-7053
Fax: 254-752-7421

Available for move in on January 14 –
Respond soon: six open offices remain!