Federal Government Proposal Writing Tip #2

In a recent newsletter, the Grantsmanship Center reminded its readers that most Federal grant proposals are reviewed and scored by people outside the agency who have expertise in the related subject matter but who review applications from outside of their own geographic areas/connections. With that in mind, the Center had the following suggestion for proposal preparers that in truth, is a great practice to follow no matter who you are applying to:

Tip #2: Follow proposal guidelines, specifically as it relates to typeface, font, page limits, section headers and paging.  These guidelines are specifically given to make it easier for the reviewer to read, follow, and locate any information they are searching for effortlessly. If your narrative is difficult to read or if there are facts about you or your program that the reader cannot easily find, they may be inclined to give up and move on.  Don’t give your reader a reason to give up on you before you’ve even gotten your story out.