Federal Government Proposal Writing Tip #5

In a recent  Grantsmanship Center training, the instructors reminded participants that most Federal grant proposals are reviewed and scored by people outside the agency who have expertise in the related subject matter but who review applications from outside of their own geographic areas/connections. With that in mind, the Center shared the following tip for proposal preparers:

Tip #5: Be Mindful of Language (Part A)– if using an acronym, make sure its first placement is attached to /follows the complete name mention.  Anything that slows down the review process or causes the reader to be distracted from the larger matter at hand – the problem you’ve identified and your solution for addressing it, will not work in your favor. Similarly, be careful of using language that is regional in nature. While some phrases may be common in your neck of the woods, they may not be so in the reader’s. Reviewers don’t have time to do follow up research. So, if they’re left to assume some things about you and your community, then you are taking the chance that they won’t assume incorrectly and that’s chance not worth taking.