Federal Government Proposal Writing Tip #6

Recently, the Grantsmanship Center reminded its follower that that the Federal Proposal Review process has some similarities to that of Foundations, particularly with regard to demonstrating sustainability.  Specifically, the Center reminded proposal preparers about the following:

Tip # 6: Be Mindful of Language (Part b) – Be sure to use language that speaks not to wishful thinking but rather, of an intent and readiness to proceed with the program under consideration. Specifically, the Center recommends that writers steer clear of words like “we hope” or “hopefully”.  If the project reads like a pie in the sky dream for which you haven’t event contemplated identifying other potential funding sources much less, begun making the necessary connections/contacts to move the effort along, it may very well remain a dream.  Funders look for agency efforts to demonstrate both a deep commitment on the part of the requesting agency to proceed and the potential for sustaining the effort after the initial award of funds are complete.