Ready for 2013? -Demographic Shifts

Recently, the Chronicle of Philanthropy provided its readers with their list of “5 Things That Will Change the Way Nonprofits Work in 2013”. This week, we’ll take a look at 1 those issues and determine what you can do to help get ahead of the curve.

  • Demographics Shifts – Recognizing that the non-Hispanic white population is projected to peak in 2024, the Chronicle contends that “the most successful charities of the future will be those who know how to attract donors an leaders who reflect America’s diversity”.  So what are you doing to prepare for this shift?  You can start by seeking out opportunities to relay our nonprofit’s messages and volunteer opportunities at cultural venues, media outlets (print and radio) and general community gatherings like  local PTA and neighborhood association meetings.  If social media has taught us anything, it is is that finding just one great advocate and influence can open the door to great relationship building.