Emerging Leaders in Public Service

The Bush School of Government and Public Service presents “Emerging Leaders in Public Service” on Tuesday, May 14 – Thursday, May 16, 2013.

Gain management and leadership skills, identify strengths and weaknesses, develop a plan to improve your leadership skills, and expand your professional network.

Click here for more info. Workshops include:

Workshop 1
Public Service Leadership: Dr. William Brown
Participants are introduced to key leadership principles and are encouraged to consider the extent to which they possess these competencies as well as which areas are the “next steps” in their leadership development.

Workshop 2
Understanding Yourself and Others: Reviewing the Myers Briggs Inventory: Holly Kasperbauer

The purpose of this session will be for participants to gain a greater understanding and awareness of their individual type and how that influences how they communicate and work in teams.

Workshop 3
Double Loop Learning: Dr. Dominic Bearfield

This highly interactive session blends discussion and small group work to help participants overcome barriers to learning.

Workshop 4
Developing Your Leadership Strengths: StrengthsQuest: Holly Kasperbauer

This workshop will provide you with a basic understanding of the theory and will expose you to a variety of interactive activities and reflection exercises to help you understand your strengths.

Workshop 5
Pathways for Leader Development: Dr. Joseph Cerami

The workshop will assist you in initiating development and action plans that guide you to move from your current reality to the achievement of your development goals.