Data’s Growing Importance – A True Sign of the Times:

Whether it is due to a reduction in dollars available for nonprofit support or the adoption of better practices by individual and institutional donors, a nationwide shift from “support for efforts” to “support for outcomes” is underway.  To stay ahead of the curve, the savvy nonprofit must realize that on-going data collection and evaluation are must haves for the future. If you haven’t already done so, be sure that your charity has a plan in place for evaluating your efforts, incorporating lessons learned into your program delivery model and marketing both of those pieces to your clients, donor base and the larger community.

Not only has the increasing reliance on data by donors and grantmakers prompted many organizations to take evaluation more seriously when gearing up for “asks”, many are finding it useful for strengthening the work of their hands. Many of the lessons learned and the outputs being delivered are causing internal staffers to question their the commitment to the status quo and prompting many organizations to rethink the theory of change behind their effort.

To learn more about Theories of Change and the impact a well devised one can have on your agency’s work, visit the evaluation section of our resource page.