Ensuring Your Fundraising Readiness Pt. 1

In a recent Chronicle of Philanthropy publication, the Evelyn and Walter Haas Foundation shared some of the challenges they faced helping grantees develop sustainable fundraising efforts. Haas Foundation executives, who reminded readers that it is not just about staffing, reported certain fundamental elements as being critical to creating a quality fundraising effort.  Platform for Fundraising Success Tip #1? Having a well-articulated, long term vision and goals.  Every nonprofit it looking to make a difference and lend its hands to making society better. What distinguishes the good from the great, begins with what they are able articulate – about themselves, their vision for service and their plan for getting there. So make sure your vision (which expresses your reason for existence) and mission (which defines the service you intend to provide, who you’ll provide it to and to what end) are well defined and create visual picture of what life can look like if you succeed.