Creating a Donor Centered Fundraising Office

Recently, the Chronicle of Philanthropy clued its readership in on the up and coming publication by fundraising guru, Penelope Burk. In the new resource: Donor Centered Leadership, the author has some innovative recommendations for nonprofits on how to retain quality fundraising staff.  The sometimes controversial author puts forward a 4-point tactic for nonprofits seeking to retain their fundraising staff.  In addition to paying generously, the Burk recommends:

  • making work hours less rigid & being more flexible with vacation time
  • discouraging overtime (to reduce the chance for burnout)
  • tying work to responsibilities/goals achieved (emphasizing the completion of tasks not hours)
  • offering opportunities for professional development and promotion

As a small nonprofit, signing on for all the options listed above may not be feasible for you but, finding one unique way to express value to your development staff may be the spark that brings change. Outfitting staff with the right professional development training and support networks can work wonders on their perspective and encourage new insights on how to fund your work.  Build professional development training into your budget (or find donors who will contribute to capacity building) and alert staff early on in the year about your commitment to their development.  Knowing they have you in their corner and  place to go for help, can provide  the necessary incentive for maintaining their pace today and in the months ahead. To learn more about professional development fundraising opportunities, check out the training and resource pages of our website.