Strategize Your Online Giving

Recently, the Chronicle of Philanthropy reported the findings of the 2013 eNonprofit Benchmark Study.  The results? Online giving increased by 21% in 2012, with the greatest increase occurring in monthly giving. Interestingly, the share of individuals who made online gifts in response to an email fundraising appeal also dropped by 21%. The lesson here?  Sending mass emails can be as ineffective as mass mailing print pieces.  Online giving, like every other fundraising method must be well processed and strategized to be effective.

So don’t just pitch a collective ask to everyone on your distribution list and don’t add those same people to every weekly newsletter or email notice you put out.  Hone your pitch and tailor your ask accordingly. Not sure how to tailor your ask? Begin by getting to know your donor. Take the time to write a personal thank you or make a call, see what you can find out about how they learned about your organization, why they chose to give and why they decided to do it electronically…if they are big on social media, they could be a great spokesperson with your friends. A little time can go a long way.  Sure it may take a few more minutes out for day to do so, but if it results in new donors that you can build rapport with and grow overtime, isn’t it worth it?