Revisiting Your Case

Well the data on 2012 calendar charitable giving in the USA is in. According to the Giving Institute, while giving from private sector donors have increased, we’re still far away from 2007 giving levels. To help fill in the gaps, a lot of nonprofits are ramping up their asks, recognizing that maintaining the status quo will not get them where they need to be much less desire to be.  So what’s working these days? Among other things, asking for 110% (literally), creatively seeking out new donor classes to work with (e.g. family and friends of clients/beneficiaries), developing and implementing multi-venue social media campaigns.

These strategies have worked because the donors were unapologetic in their requests, clear about their needs and could succinctly speak to the impact of their efforts.  If your case statement doesn’t reflect the urgency of the times and provide success impact statements, you might want to revisit it today. To learn more about case statements, check out the Fund Development section of our Resource page here.