Value of Overhead

Unrestricted general operating support – it’s the dream of just about every nonprofit I know. But in a time when nonprofit management abuses make the headlines on a regular basis, how does one secure this prized allocation? There is value in overhead but successfully making the case for it requires that the donor in question have full confidence in your leadership and your methodology. Donors are comfortable supporting staff and operational costs when they know your efforts are:

  • based on solid management decisions,
  • evidence informed best practices, and
  • demonstrate a track record of success.

Building internal capacity and taking the time to research and qualitatively assess the impact of your efforts may not seem very “sexy” or important when you look at your “Must Do” list, but it can help pay the bills. Invest in your future today by investing in your staff and board and in program evaluation. To learn more about local nonprofit management training opportunities click here ( To learn more about program evaluation, check out our resource page here ( .