Fundraising Amongst Ethnic Groups Tip #3:

Did you know that 89% of the population growth in the US is the result of growth in ethnic populations? Did you know that by 2050, the Hispanic population is projected to be the largest of ethnic group in the US? In the not too distant future, white Americans will not be the majority. So if your current donor base does not reflect the ethnic diversity of our community, it may be time to revisit your outreach and engagement efforts. There are no set rules for fundraising outreach, but here is one thing you can keep in mind as you develop your plan of action:

Tip# 3: Consider creating and using giving circles to draw individuals in. A more intimate atmosphere can create an opportunity for you:

  •  to go deeper in your relationship with them
  •  pull in multiple members who may share the same vision for some aspect of your work/
  • Generate a pool of funds that you can designate towards one particular community problem or program.

Source: Chronicle of Philanthropy