Capitalizing On Your Website

We’ve talked about this a number of times now, but the research keeps piling up, so I’ll keep repeating it: if your website is dated, you could be losing out! In a recent Chronicle of Philanthropy post , it was reported that the millennial generation (those in their 20s and 30s), are turned off by websites that:

  • Are not updated regularly
  • Do not share details and success stories about the populations they serve, the projects they  administer and the impact of their efforts
  • Spend most of their time promoting themselves and not solutions to the issue they say they value
  • Do not offer an online giving option

While many millennials may not have large sums to donate today, their incomes are likely to rise over time and if you can engage them fully now, they are more likely to remain loyal for the long term.  Websites don’t have to be complicated – creating one with a relatively easy content management system like wordpress, means staff, volunteers or interns can help you keep it active. To get the some basic information on website development, check out the “Technology Concepts” section of our Technology Basics Manual located here:

And to learn more about millennial donor habits check out the report here: