Toyota U.S.A. Foundation – K‐12 Education Grants

Toyota U.S.A. Foundation – K‐12 Education Grants

The Toyota USA Foundation is committed to enhancing the quality of K‐12 education by supporting innovative programs and building partnerships with organizations dedicated to improving the teaching and learning of mathematics, science and environmental science.

A high priority is placed on the following:

  • Creative and innovative programs which develop the potential of students and/or teachers;
  • Programs which are broad in scope and incorporate systemic approach; and,
  • Cost‐effective programs that possess a high potential for success with relatively low duplication of effort.

Grants are provided to support the development and implementation of programs that generally range from $50,000 ‐ $500,000. The Foundation will only fund a program one time; however, a grant recipient may present a new program for consideration after three years.

The Toyota USA Foundation reviews applications continually and does not have deadlines. The review process can take up to six months.

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