Support for Hunger Initiatives Nationwide, Presbyterian Hunger Program

Support for Hunger Initiatives Nationwide, Presbyterian Hunger Program The Presbyterian Hunger Program provides grants to nonprofit organizations addressing hunger and its causes in the United States. Grants ranging from $500 to $20,000 are provided in the following five categories: Development Assistance grants focus on creating a multi-faceted approach to the empowerment of poor people. Public Policy Advocacy grants encourage activities that advocate for political and economic policy changes that provide food for the poor. Lifestyle Integrity grants target programs that help the church to move toward sustainable lifestyles sensitive to the reality of the Earth’s limited resources. Education and Interpretation grants promote activities to educate the church and the public at large about the root causes of hunger. Direct Food Relief grants support programs that provide food to poor people in either acute or chronic conditions of hunger. Nonprofit organizations and Presbyterian congregations are eligible to apply. Letters of inquiry must be submitted by April 30, 2014; proposals are due June 30, 2014. Visit the program’s website to review the eligibility and criteria information. (Posted: 2/25/14)


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