Have you heard of .ONG & .NGO Domains? You probably should…

Did you know that more nonprofits (many of which work with international audiences) are starting to acquire “.ong” and “.ngo” domains?

In NonprofitQuarterly.org‘s article, they share insightful information about these new domains.

On May 6th, the entity known as Public Interest Registry (PIR), which administers the .org top-level domain, the world’s third-largest “generic” top-level domain, officially launched the new .ngo and .ong domains, now available to nonprofits internationally.

Already over 1,400 .ong and .ngo domain names have been registered by non-governmental organizations, nonprofits, and charities around the world. These unique domains could give an organization more trust and credibility online in a space where charity scams are becoming increasingly more common. Read more here.