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Don’t combine thank-yous and requests for additional donations, says

Donors want to be sincerely thanked for their charitable gift without being asked for another donation, according to research by fundraising expert Penelope Burk. Even enclosing an envelope for future donations in with a thank-you can put off donors, she found. Read more at!

Parents of Only Daughters and 1st-Born Sons Are More Generous Donors, says

Households with more than one child are more likely to give — and donate a bigger share of their income — if the eldest is a son, a new study finds. But parents with only one child are more likely to give and to donate generously if that child is a daughter. Read more at!

Like the idea of a Text-To-Give Campaign? Here are 10 considerations you’ll want to know before making your move from B2C.

10 Considerations Before Running A Text-To-Give Campaign

There’s no doubting the power of text-to-give fundraising campaigns. In the wake of 2010 Haiti earthquake, individual donors contributed an estimated $43 million by texting via their mobile phones. If you’re a frontline fundraiser, it’s only a matter of time before your organization’s leadership and board approach you about investigating this source of revenue.

Before considering whether to implement a mobile text-to-give fundraising campaign, there are 10 things you should consider [such as it takes up a lot of staff time and can cost you money]: Read more here on Business 2 Community’s page, B2C.

Charities Lost 103 Donors for Every 100 They Gained in 2014, Says Study,

For every $100 in new donations nonprofits gained in fiscal year 2014 over the previous year, they lost $95 in lapsed or reduced donations, according to a new survey.

While that 5-percent net gain in gifts is “disappointing,” said Nathan Dietz, senior research associate at the Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy at the Urban Institute, the news regarding donors themselves is even worse: For every 100 new donors gained in 2014, participating nonprofits lost 103. < Read More Here on >