Welcome to McLennan County Nonprofit Resources

This website is intended to serve those who serve. As a nonprofit, you play a vital role in our community, serving people well, meeting their needs, seeing them restored to walk in community and contribute to society. Our design is to promote the intentional investment of time, resources and energy towards the development and growth of your agency, so we can increase our collective impact.

Capacity Building = Organizational Effectiveness

Capacity Building is about the ability of a nonprofit organization to maximize it’s resources – human, financial and capital, not only to sustain itself but – to address internal and external challenges, including the effective delivery of programs and/or services to one’s target audience.

Capacity building is a term used in the charitable sector which describes activities that are designed to help improve a nonprofit’s ability to meet its mission and maximize the resources given to them by the community. Capacity building services are distinguishable from direct program services, general operating support or capital expenses, in that they typically seek to increase the knowledge, skill level and/or efficiency of a nonprofit board and staff.  Capacity building services are typically provided by an individual outside of the organization that has the expertise and ability to focus on only one aspect of an organization’s management. Usual capacity building services include – but are not limited to – the following:

  • Board and/or staff training
  • Strategic planning
  • Technical assistance
  • Program evaluation and analysis

To learn more about how you can build your organization’s capacity, be sure to check our Effective Nonprofit Management section.

To learn more about capacity building support available in McLennan County, check out our Local Capacity Building Tools page.