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This website is intended to serve those who serve. Our vision is to promote – among nonprofit staff and board – the intentional investment of time, resources and energy towards the development and growth of your agency, so that you not only meet your mission effectively and efficiently, but also contribute to the continued growth and prosperity of our community and all of its residents.

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Form 1023-EZ Revisions – Via IRS - Form 1023-EZ Revisions The IRS revised Form 1023-EZ, Streamlined Application for Recognition of Exemption Under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and its instructions to help small charities apply for 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. These revisions don’t change the Form 1023-EZ user fee. Here’s a summary of the revisions we made to the Form 1023-EZ. […]
Do You Have an Impact Culture? Via Social Impact Architects - I just love the ancient parable about the elephant. Six blind men were asked to describe an elephant by touching its body parts. The first man felt its side and described the elephant as a wall, the second man touched its tusk and thought it was a spear, the third man felt its trunk and […]
IRS: Audit Technique Guides (ATGs) for Exempt Organizations - Audit Technique Guides (ATGs) help IRS examiners during audits of specific types of organizations exempt from federal income tax. While ATGs are designed to provide guidance for IRS employees, they’re also useful to the staffs and governing boards of exempt organizations, as well as the tax practitioners who work with them. ATGs recommend specific examination […]
Texas Association of Nonprofit Organizations – Last Chance to Save on 2018 Unemployment Insurance Costs! - Texas Association of Nonprofit Organizations partnered with First Nonprofit Group (FNG) to provide members with cost-saving unemployment programs. Since 2008, FNG has helped its Texas customers save over $4.4 million dollars! If your organization is currently paying state unemployment taxes (SUTA)*, FNG may be able to save you as much as 40% off your annual […]

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