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Local Capacity Building Tools

Capacity Building Is…

Implicit in capacity building, is the value of investing in an organization so as to strengthen its ability to sustain itself in the years to come. As such, local capacity building tools are meant to:

  • Increase a nonprofit’s knowledge
  • Improve staff and board skill sets
  • Increase the effectiveness of the organization (the number of clients served, the way programs are delivered, the amount of costs incurred, etc.)

Local tools are available to help promote a number of activities including:

  • Excellent board governance
  • Fundraising
  • Cross sector collaborations
  • Leadership development
  • Outcomes assessment
  • Staff professional development

The following is a list of local agencies or efforts that may be able to help:

Act Locally Waco
Visit the Website >

Central Texas Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP)
Visit the Website >

Cooper Foundation’s Nonprofit Network
Visit the Website >

Prosper Waco
Visit the Website >

Mentor Coalition
Visit the Website >

Social Media Breakfast
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Today’s Action Tomorrow’s Leaders & The LeadershipPLENTY® Institute-Waco
Visit the Website >

Grant Resource Center at Waco-McLennan County Library
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Waco Foundation’s Capacity Building Program
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