Ensuring Your Fundraising Readiness Pt. 3

In a recent Chronicle of Philanthropy publication, the Evelyn and Walter Haas Foundation shared some of the challenges they faced helping grantees develop sustainable fundraising efforts. Haas Foundation executives, who reminded readers that it is not just about staffing, reported certain fundamental elements as being critical to creating a quality fundraising effort.  Platform for Fundraising Success Tip #3?  Having a committed executive director and senior team. We understand that very few people are fans of asking others for money which is why most organizations hire a staff person to do the “dirty” work for them but the truth is, the fundraising is a team effort.  Staff need to understand that too have been given the task of being ambassador. Understanding why their piece of the puzzle matters to the organization as whole and lends to its success will help them be prepared to represent the nonprofit to the public and identify potential prospects for support.