Ensuring Your Fundraising Readiness Pt. 4

This week, we’ll examine the final tip the Evelyn and Walter Haas Foundation shared with the Chronicle of Philanthropy on creating the right environment for successful fundraising. Platform for Fundraising Success Tip #4? Having an engaged board. Like the staff, Board members are ambassadors for your nonprofit.  The fact that they are volunteers who do not get paid to serve or advocate for your nonprofit makes their commitment to your nonprofit even more endearing and marketable.  Board members typically have access to circles of influence that staff members of a nonprofit may not, so it’s important for board members to understand that support should not be relegated to helping with a special fundraising event, but should also include making introductions, setting meetings, and even, making some of the asks. . Take some time to ensure that you and your board have a clear understanding about their roles and responsibilities, so that when the time for  the “ask” does come, you’ve position your fundraising ambassadors to succeed. Not sure who is responsible for what? Visit the board governance section of our resource page or check the training page for our next board governance workshop.