Catered Fundraising?

Putting together a successful fundraising event is no easy feat. So when most organizations begin the planning process, their initial thought is to create one massive event and invite all their donors and prospective donors to it. Many charitable efforts are turning a new leaf however, recognizing that they may not be maximizing their giving potential by hosting come one, come all events. The fix? Recognizing that all donors and all donor interests (things that excite them outside of the work of the nonprofit they give to) are not alike.  So stage a 5K run for the health conscious triathlete and an elegant dinner with entertainment and dancing for the social butterflies. Finding creative ways to offer smaller engagements that do not wear out staff or demand to much infrastructure yet cater to the specific interests of donors and provide them with an opportunity network and celebrate their interest with like-minded parties, may be the key to growing your donor base.  Even more, the likelihood of finding donated services increases, because the you can make a clear case to sponsors about their ROI, so think strategic and think special when planning your next fundraising event.