It Takes All Generations and All Kinds of Gifts

The Chronicle of Philanthropy reported on a recent study which revealed that currently, baby boomers make up 34% of the US donor pool and give 43% of all money contributed by individuals. And while they and their elders contribute to 70% of today’s giving, they are not likely to increase their giving over the next year because of the economy and season of life they are in (planned gifts and bequests being the exception of course). Instead, the expected increase will come from younger generations, particularly the millennial population.  So set aside some time today to make sure your fundraising strategy encompasses the solicitation strategies your various donors may respond to, including online, direct mail, events based solicitation, grocery store check out donations, direct asks, and more.  It’s also helpful to keep track of the various giving vehicles that might interest them – cash, property, stocks, trusts , etc.

If you aren’t prepared to accept a non-cash gift, it might be time for your nonprofit to develop a good gift acceptance policy. Not sure where to begin? Check out the National Council of Nonprofits here: