Bring on the Cloud: Implementing a Cloud-Based Software Solution,

Bring on the Cloud: Implementing a Cloud-Based Software Solution

“You’ve made the choice to go with a Cloud-based software solution. Congratulations! Now what? There’s a lot to do, from setting an implementation schedule and budget to identifying and migrating data from the old system to getting staff buy-in and training them on the new solution. How do you plan for everything that needs to be done? Do you have the capacity in-house to do it all yourself, or do you need consultants to help? How can you find them if you do?

Cloud software isn’t for everyone, but its benefits are often especially appealing to nonprofits: flexibility, low upfront costs, and the ease of technical updates, just to name a few. If you’ve decided to make the switch to the Cloud, don’t let the fear of implementation make you change your mind.

We’re proud to announce our new workbook, Implementing a Cloud Solution, designed to take you from project planning through migration and beyond. None of these processes are trivial, and the success of your implementation relies upon your planning. Through eight worksheets, we’ll help you make smart decisions at every step.

Our previous workbook, Should Your Organization Consider the Cloud, gave you a way to compare your needs against the Cloud. Now let us show you how to put your new solution into play. Thanks to our lead sponsor, Tech Impact, and our other funders (including NetSuite), this new workbook is free to download. Get started now.”

[Original excerpt comes from the July 17, 2014 email update]