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Looking for a great webinar?
Two are coming up.

October 23 – Register for IRS Phone Forum: Helping 501(c)(3) organizations with charitable contributions (a primer)

Topics include:

  • Examples of qualified and nonqualified organizations
  • Charitable donations allowed by IRS
  • Acceptable non-cash contributions
  • Rules involving vehicle donations
  • Required written acknowledgement for donation
  • When significant intervening use applies
  • Donors’ recordkeeping responsibilities
  • A brief summary on disaster relief

 Register here!


October 28 – Free Nonprofit 911 Webinar
3 Strategies for Using Stories in Year-End Campaigns

Storytelling is the best way to emotionally connect with donors to engage their heads, hearts, and wallets. Join Vanessa Chase, founder of The Storytelling Nonprofit, for our next webinar and learn the 3 best strategies for storytelling during the year-end season. Webinar starts at 1 pm EDT on Tuesday, October 28.

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See more training opportunities here.

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IRS Phone Forum & EO Workshop

Register for IRS Phone Forum:  Stay Exempt – A Guide for Charitable Organizations with Changing Leadership

Thursday, Sept. 25 at 2 p.m. ET

Topics include:

  • The cardinal rule: Follow your organization’s exempt purpose
  • Filing requirements
  • Fundraising rules
  • Governance and Recordkeeping
  • IRS Resources
  • UBIT and excise taxes

Register for this event.

IRS EO Workshop

IRS Exempt Organizations offers one-day workshops for small and medium-sized 501(c)(3) organizations around the country  in collaboration with colleges and universities as part of our Academic Institutions Initiatives in an effort to help develop the nonprofit leaders of tomorrow. These popular workshops  are presented by experienced IRS Exempt Organizations specialists and explain the nuts and bolts of what 501(c)(3) entities must do to keep their tax-exempt status and comply with tax obligations.

This introductory workshop is designed for organization administrators, volunteers who are responsible for tax compliance, the faculty and students of its academic hosts, and nonprofit practitioners.

Universities, colleges, or university-based nonprofit centers interested in hosting a workshop should contact Susan D. Ruth at or by phone at (202)317-8795 or e-mail the Exempt Organizations, CE&O mailbox.

All full-day workshops are approved by the IRS for six (6) continuing education (CE) credits for Enrolled Agents.

Further information can be found by visiting the Workshops page.



Registration Website

Austin, TXhosted by 

Austin Community College

 December 9, 2014  Registration information

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Family Abuse Center is totally out of laundry soap!

Family Abuse Center is totally out of laundry soap! – Oh no! Family Abuse Center has a shelter full of people, nearly 60 women and children living there and they can’t do any laundry. If you are buying laundry soap, can you pick up an extra for them? Drop off your donation at the Second Chance Thrift Shop, 1412 Sunset St (Behind CoCo’s Snow Cones).

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EO Updates & Trainings!, IRS

1.  Update to Form 1023-EZ instructions

If you downloaded the Instructions for Form 1023-EZ before August 4, 2014 please take note of the following change:

  • The IRS has updated the instructions for Part I, line 8 to allow officers, directors, and/or trustees to use the organization’s mailing address rather than their personal mailing address.

  2.  Register for EO workshops

Register for our upcoming workshops for small and medium-sized 501(c)(3) organizations on:

  • Dec. 9 – Austin, TX
    Hosted by Austin Community College

  3.  IRS presentations on exempt organization topics posted

IRS Exempt Organizations regularly presents phone forums/webinars on important topics affecting the tax-exempt community. If you missed any of these informative presentations, please review the recorded programs on this page.

Recent presentation topics include:

  • UBI and Exempt Organizations
  • Form 990-N and Form 990-EZ Filing Tips
  • IRC 501(c)(6) Organizations
  • Form 990 Filing Tips

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Can Opener Donations, Caritas

Caritas seeks Can Opener Donations – Because of cutbacks in SNAP (Food Stamp) benefits, Waco’s local pantries have seen an increase in the number of clients coming to them for food. Many families are happy to accept canned goods, however, they don’t have can openers or the money to buy one. The Waco Regional Baptist Association and Caritas are partnering to request that churches, youth groups, women’s groups, etc donate can openers so that people who need them can have them with their food bags. Can openers can be brought to Caritas on 300 South 15th Street. For more information, call Esther Morales at 254-753-3545.

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Board Governance

Board governance and board members are just a couple of the main components to help your nonprofit to run smoothly.

To help with board contracts, Jan Masaoka over at Board Cafe/ writes a helpful piece on A Board Member “Contract”.

“One way to be sure that each person on the board is clear on his or her responsibilities is to adopt a board member “contract.” Not intended to be legally enforced, the contract outlines explicitly what is expected of individual board members, and how the organization will in turn be responsible to them.”

Want to read more? Catch the rest of the article here.

Learn about board governance with our Board Governance Resource page.


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Hurry to Register for the July 24 IRS Webinar: How to apply to be tax-exempt (including new Form 1023-EZ)

How to apply to be tax-exempt (including new Form 1023-EZ)

Date: July 24
Time: 2 pm ET
Location: Register for this presentation

Learn about:

  • General requirements for applying for 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status
  • Application Forms 1023, i1023, 1023-EZ, and 1024
  • Requirements for filing each application
  • Filing tips for applying for tax-exempt status
  • Exempt Organizations resources

IRS Logo

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Bring on the Cloud: Implementing a Cloud-Based Software Solution,

Bring on the Cloud: Implementing a Cloud-Based Software Solution

“You’ve made the choice to go with a Cloud-based software solution. Congratulations! Now what? There’s a lot to do, from setting an implementation schedule and budget to identifying and migrating data from the old system to getting staff buy-in and training them on the new solution. How do you plan for everything that needs to be done? Do you have the capacity in-house to do it all yourself, or do you need consultants to help? How can you find them if you do?

Cloud software isn’t for everyone, but its benefits are often especially appealing to nonprofits: flexibility, low upfront costs, and the ease of technical updates, just to name a few. If you’ve decided to make the switch to the Cloud, don’t let the fear of implementation make you change your mind.

We’re proud to announce our new workbook, Implementing a Cloud Solution, designed to take you from project planning through migration and beyond. None of these processes are trivial, and the success of your implementation relies upon your planning. Through eight worksheets, we’ll help you make smart decisions at every step.

Our previous workbook, Should Your Organization Consider the Cloud, gave you a way to compare your needs against the Cloud. Now let us show you how to put your new solution into play. Thanks to our lead sponsor, Tech Impact, and our other funders (including NetSuite), this new workbook is free to download. Get started now.”

[Original excerpt comes from the July 17, 2014 email update]

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Facebook for Fundraising: Worth It or Waste of Time? – Network for Good

Nancy Schwartz,, explains the pros and cons of Facebook and fundraising on Network for Good.

“Your organization’s free Facebook ride is over! Now, when checking Facebook page activity stats (aka Insights) for our client organizations, I make sure to dive in with a sweet treat in hand. That’s because I need to balance the bad news—which tends to decrease followers and reach—with something good.

I bet you’ve noticed the change, too—that is, if your organization is striving to use Facebook to strengthen connections with supporters and prospects and spur them to give. And by now you’ve probably heard the raging discussion about Facebook’s value—or lack thereof—for nonprofits and for-profits alike.”

Read more here! Facebook for Fundraising: Worth It of Waste of Time?, Network for Good

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