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Fund Development

In addition to the Planned Giving Toolkit with, here are 2 more planned giving websites to help you get a better idea about planned giving.

(Find more Fund Development resources by clicking here).

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ACC Center for Nonprofit Studies: Principles and Practices for Nonprofit Excellence

Austin Community College Center for Nonprofit Studies shares a downloadable PDF called Principles & Practices for Nonprofit Excellence.

The continued success of Texas nonprofits requires broad public support and confidence. These principles and practices for nonprofit excellence seek to educate all engaged in nonprofit leadership and management as to their fundamental roles and responsibilities. The 11 accountability principles described here differentiate the nonprofit sector from government and business sectors. The over 190 management practices provide specific guidelines for individual organizations to evaluate and improve their operations, governance, human resources, advocacy, financial management and fundraising. These are adapted to reflect the Texas Business Organizations Code. Read more here.

Need more Effective Nonprofit Management? Click this link to find more sources.

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Technology Leadership Starts With Your Voice & NTEN’s Survey Opportunities

Technology leadership starts with your voice

NTEN’s research reports provide key data to help nonprofits inform their decision making. You know this data is important! Please take a few minutes and add your voice. For each survey, you’ll be invited to enter a drawing for a $500 Amazon Gift Card.

Survey #1

2015 Nonprofit Technology Staffing & Investments Survey: In partnership with Care2 and TechSoup Global, NTEN is conducting the 9th annual Nonprofit Technology Staffing and Investments survey in order to provide both benchmarks and qualitative data about technology decisions and practices. Help out by responding to this 15-minute survey! Take the 2015 Nonprofit Technology Staffing & Investments Survey.

Survey #2

Digital Adoption Survey: We’re partnering with Mobile Citizen on an exciting new research project to explore how online services and Internet access organizations deliver services and programs, and connect with their constituents. Be a part of the new research! Take the 10-minute Digital Adoption Survey.

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EHF Grants Announcement with The Episcopal Health Foundation

As the Episcopal Health Foundation gets closer to approving and announcing our first round of grant recipients later this Spring, we want to continue our effort to transform community health across all 57 counties within the Episcopal Diocese of Texas.

To do that, we want to encourage more non-profit organizations, clinics and other groups in all of our counties and communities to apply for an EHF grant.

We know there are many of these groups doing transformative work around health in smaller areas outside of Houston. However, those groups may not be aware of the Episcopal Health Foundation and the availability of grants that can invest in their good work.

Click here to learn how to apply for an EHF Grant.

Please call or email Brian Sasser, Director of Communications, any questions, concerns or comments at 832-807-2575 or

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The Millennial Donor Playbook: A Guide to Engagement for all Generations, Network for Good

Why should you care about Millennials now? Young supporters represent the leading edge of technology adoption and online behavior. If you want to know where donor engagement is heading, look to Millennials to understand how all generations are evolving. Of course, Millennials are also active donors, advocates, and volunteers in their own right. Read more.
Millennial Donor Playbook

  • Why Millennials may be your cause’s secret weapon.
  • How to inspire these supporters to become recurring givers, advocates, and peer fundraisers for your mission.
  • Tips for communicating with and retaining young donors.

Download the Millennial Playbook Today!

To find more information on Fund Development & other resource topics, click here.

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Retain Monthly Donors with Recurring Giving, Network for Good

Network for Good has a free download of templates and samples for donor communication flow in their Recurring Giving: Sample Donor Communication Flow + Six Templates.

Communication is the first step to retaining donors and your monthly donors need an extra layer of communication sprinkled with gratitude and love. Take the time to create a plan to keep donors engaged through the life of their recurring gift by deploying the right message at the right time. Sending messages of thanks and proof of their impact will reinforce their decision to be a recurring giver so you can count on their generosity year after year. Download this resource and you’ll get:

Recurring Giving Sample Donor Communication Flow + Six Templates

  • Recommendations on when to communicate with recurring donors and what kind of messages they want (and need).

  • A template to help you craft that first initial thank you.

  • A template to help you ask for a higher-level gift at the end of 12 months.

  • Ideas to help you draft the perfect donor story, project update, and more!

Available at Network for Good.

This is the newest posting to our Fund Development Resource page. Check out more Fund Development Resources here, or look at the full list of resources to help you with your nonprofit needs.

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Fundraising Opportunities with SAVOR at BU’s McLane Stadium

SAVOR at Baylor University Introduction 2015-16_Page_1

SAVOR, the exclusive provider of concession food, beverage and hospitality for Baylor University Athletics wants to help you raise funds for your nonprofit.

Depending on the event, groups can earn anywhere from $200 to $2,000 or more for a single event with SAVOR’s nonprofit fundraising concessionaire program. Click here for more details.

Have questions? Contact Bob Kimsey, Senior Food & Beverage Operations Manager at 254.710.8108 or at



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Need some infographic tips?

Posted in our Technology Resources page, Network for Good shares “4 Steps to Making an Infographic for Your Nonprofit.”

Want to add visual content with a data-focused approach to your existing nonprofit outreach?

With all the noise out there-trillions of messages coming at you each day via ads, emails, texts, and tweets-it can be hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. Visuals can send information to the brain remarkably fast and make seemingly boring information (such as a white paper or an annual report) look fun and exciting! Here’s what your nonprofit’s visuals need to succeed. Read more here.

Check out other resources here!

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“Clever Tactics for Gaining Monthly Donors,”

We added a new resource link under Fund Development/Financial Management “Clever Tactics for Gaining Monthly Donors,”

The true value of monthly donors is undisputed. Securing just 30 monthly donors at $20 per month may generate only a monthly revenue stream of $600, but over the next 12 months their contributions will add up to $7,200. And time, effort and expenses are saved because there is no need to keep sending repeated “asks”. The “lifetime value” of any of these donors who may continue to donate for 5, 10 or even 20 years can be a huge bonus. Read more here on

Check out more resources here.

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